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DAVID MUEKE: Author of Angel Boy & Media Personality

★Mechanical Designer & Engineering Fabrication

★Engineering Technical Support

Contracted by NASA for many years, by trade David is a leader and visionary in technology. He is a great artist, 3-D designer, and machinist, with his design skill as a strong point in his career base. His fabrication skills also are extremely keen, all through his artistic abilities give him the vision to do his work. It takes more than just knowledge of a craft or skill, it also takes talent to bring technology to life. Project to project, the space industry utilized David’s design and fabrication skills to the fullest. Receiving countless rewards for jobs executed with perfection.

David the published author of, Angel Boy. A rendition of his life’s view into words.

Poisoned, stabbed, swindled. Then his ex-wife pulled the trigger! However, it does not begin there. David raced in the Astrodome, became a contractor for NASA, was buried alive, and then died on the operating table. All before the age of 31. David is a loving single dad with a story of survival, success, and everything in between.

Angel Boy is about a strong, never yielding positive determination to survive. Illustrating to others what harbored deep within. A drive to succeed even when the odds are against him. A fixer type mentality, Angel tries to be helpful to those who may need it. Full of good intent and a strong passion for life and love. A reflection on greatness, that men can also be strong enough to raise children. Without the support of a good mother or female influence. Yet after many years of great struggle, Angel does succeed!

Dream Development is his name for the development of tomorrow. He writes as passionate as he feels towards life. Life is rich with what comes out of a person’s personal actions. To take with us into heaven the richness of everything we see and discover. David wears his heart on his sleeve and lives life to its fullest.

“The world is my home, the life within is my family! My goal is to help to make this world a much better home for us all to live. A fun place to live, grow and prosper. Not only for myself but for all of us. We are all put on this earth to discover greatness and great love.”

David is an artist at heart, and extremely talented with his mind and hands. Animals and people mean more to him than just a name or a face. Each person is unique and has a story to tell. To watch and listen is always a treat. David could not wait to be a father and prize his children. His family was not well off, yet they showed wealth in their actions and how we interacted with each other.

This makes us rich. Life has only just begun for all of us!

About Angel Boy

Angel Boy follows the story of a boy who grew up in a time when all the odds seemed to be stacked against him. With determination and a great view of personal respect, he discovers life on a level of great inner wealth and personal power.

Through great trials and discoveries, he finds inner peace. His tenacity and personal respect help others find great love and richness beyond what is known.

Set in a time of racial differences, Angel Boy follows the young man through the many adventures and experiences that started a whole new level in his life. It details the many life experiences that affected him experiences that most people never see or ever thought possible…experiences that effectively molded him into a person who discovered the greatness within himself.


“This is a must read if you enjoy adventure and a truly heartfelt story from beginning to end with humor and drama intertwined to captivate the reader. I liken it to a modern-day Huck Finn experience with a compassionate and spiritual twist that draws the reader in. Once you pick up the book, plan to stay for awhile!.”
J. Riggs

This book illustrates that life has its highs and lows, but tomorrow is another day, so make the most of each and every day. A modern-day Huck Finn is said to illustrate the character (Angel Boy) and his experiences. Only with the riches that you are born with, love of life, family, and friends, can you truly live. These, along with his dramatic occurrences in life, are fluid throughout the book. David’s reason for creating Angel Boy is to tell the world that life is exactly what you make of it!

“If you believe in yourself, I mean truly believe, then a person can do just about anything they dream of. You only get one chance at life, so live it wisely! It is up to you to make the right choices each and every day.”